Patent No. Patent Name Status
ZL200320102113.X Bottom / Edge High Efficiency LED White Light Complete
ZL03266238.6 Color Changing White LED Backlight Modules Complete
ZL200620122380.7 A New Type of Medical Use Film Viewer Complete
ZL200420007791.2 LED with Heat Dissipation System Complete
ZL2006 2 0123718.0 Diffusing LED Light Source Complete
ZL2005 2 0062106.0 Manual Electric Generating Torch Complete
ZL200820131719.9 A new Structure design for LED Street Light Complete
ZL200820235044.2 PCB integrated with PC LED Light Source Complete
ZL201020640144.0 A new Structure Design of White LED Dispenser Complete
ZL201020619089.7 An Energy Saving LED Advertisement Light Bars Complete
ZL201120118505.X A PC Finishing LED Bulb Complete
ZL201120118518.7 An Energy Saving LED Advertisement Dual Sided AdvertisementElectronicAsua Light Bars Complete
ZL201120118526.1 An Energy Saving LED Bulkhead Complete
2011SR030556 Backlight BM-7 Automatic Luminance Meter Control Program Complete
2011SR030547 3D LED Dispenser Control Program Complete
ZL201120322113.5 A type of small-medium LED Backlight Module with Positioning Device Complete
ZL201120322129.6 A type of LED backlight Module using only one LED Complete
ZL201120322140.2 An LED that is suitable for backlight modules that is edgeless and with complicate design structure Complete
ZL201120322167.1 One kind ofwedge-shapedlight guideLED backlight Complete
ZL201130300766.9 LED Light for Petro Station Complete
ZL201120446567.3 An Energy Saving LED Street Light Complete
ZL201120446550.8 An Energy Saving LED T5 Light tube Complete
ZL201120446577.7 An Energy Saving LED T8 Light tube Complete
ZL201120446572.4 A type of Control Unit for Solar LED Street Light Complete
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